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Vehicle Registrations - Notary - Penn Dott - Allison Park PA

 Allegheny Tag & Title - Duncan Manor - Allison Park

Penn Dot Messenger Service and Notary in Beaver County

Beaver County Tag and Title
      2580 Constitution Blvd - 724-384-1083

Cranberry PennDOT services - Vehicle - Auto - Registrations

Cranberry Messenger
    20710 Route 19 North - 724-772-0480

Messenger Service in Mercer County PA

Mercer County Messenger
    1834 E. State Street - 724-983-0914

Messenger Service in the North Hills - Pittsburgh

North Hills Messenger Service
      984 Perry Hwy - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Five Convenient
Authorized PennDOT Locations

     Duncan Manor - Allison Park

Beaver County Tag and Title
      2580 Constitution Blvd - 724-384-1083

Cranberry Messenger
    20710 Route 19 North - 724-772-0480

Mercer County Messenger
    1834 E. State Street - 724-983-0914

North Hills Messenger Service
      984 Perry Hwy - TEMP CLOSED

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One Stop Notary Registration PA license - Penn DOT messenger service 

for cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, trailers, atv and apportioned services.


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Our fast, friendly staff look forward to handling you next vehicle purchase, to help expedite the process the following documentation is necessary:

  • Valid PA drivers license, PA ID card or Military ID
  • Valid PA proof of insurance if you are going to register the vehicle.  This must be a hard copy of the insurance card, binder or declaration page.  Our offices have to send a copy of this with the title transfer paperwork, we will accept a faxed copy from your insurance carrier.  Please see the location you will be visiting for the fax number.

Note:  If you are purchasing a motorcycle or motor home, you must have proof of insurance listing the specific vehicle to have tags issued.

  • If you wish to transfer a tag to the vehicle you are purchasing, please bring the registration card for the tag. If the registration is in 2 names, we must have both people present during the transaction.
  • If you are purchasing on behalf of a business, we must have a letter of authorization on company letterhead.  If you would like a sample, please click HERE
  • If the vehicle you are purchasing is from out of state, the vehicle needs to be at our office at the time of transfer so we can verify the VIN number.  If you are unable to bring the vehicle, please click HERE for a MV-41. This form can be signed by an inspection mechanic in lieu of the vehicle being at our location.
  • If you are purchasing an out of state truck, trailer or motor home; the gross vehicle weight must be verified by an inspection mechanic, please click HERE for a MV-41.

We make selling a car easy!! 


To help us facilitate the transaction, please remember to bring a few things with you


  • Valid Identification for all owners of the vehicle (Drivers License, ID card)
  • Title to the vehicle
  • Current odometer Reading
  • If your name differs on the title due to name change (marriage, divorce etc) please bring with you the document that supports that change.
  • If you are signing on behalf of a company, we must have a letter of authorization on your business letterhead to complete the transaction.
  • Did you accidentally throw away your registration card?
  • Forget to mail your renewal?
  • Did your license plate fall off of your vehicle? 


No worries, we can help! 
We can replace or renew your registration credentials on the spot
and you can Usually have the new documents in your hands in seconds!


To renew or replace please make sure to bring

  • Old owners card
  • Drivers license/identification card
  • Current Insurance Card
  • All owners of the vehicle in question (for plate reissue only)

Any specific questions, please contact your local office

Lost your title? 

No problem we can help! 

We can have a title back in your hands in 5-7 business days.  To get the process started, stop into one of our offices with:


  • All owners of the vehicle and their PA Drivers License or PA ID card
  • Proof of ownership

We will process the application in our office and a the title will be printed at PennDot and mailed to your house

Intransit Tags are used for non residents of Pennsylvania to take their vehicle purchase back to their home state to be registered and titled.  This tag is good for 60 days.  In order for our offices to issue this tag, the customer must have

  • Out of state Drivers License or Identification Card
  • Out of state insurance card
  • Title

Stop into one of our offices and we will get you on your way back home!!!

Vehicle Registrations can be suspended for many reasons, if you are unclear about why you are suspended and how you can get restored, stop into one of our offices, we can help!

If you have served your suspension and you are ready to be restored, we can post your restoration fees and proof of insurance on the spot and get you back on the road.  Please make sure you bring


  • The registration in question
  • Your Drivers License/Identification Card
  • Proof of Insurance

If you have any specific questions, please contact your local office

Feel free to call or stop in today so we can

take care of all of your vehicle registration needs! 

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