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Vehicle Registrations - Notary - Penn Dott - Allison Park PA

 Allegheny Tag & Title - Duncan Manor - Allison Park

Penn Dot Messenger Service and Notary in Beaver County

Beaver County Tag and Title
      2580 Constitution Blvd - 724-384-1083

Cranberry PennDOT services - Vehicle - Auto - Registrations

Cranberry Messenger
    20710 Route 19 North - 724-772-0480

Messenger Service in Mercer County PA

Mercer County Messenger
    1834 E. State Street - 724-983-0914

Messenger Service in the North Hills - Pittsburgh

North Hills Messenger Service
      984 Perry Hwy - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Five Convenient
Authorized PennDOT Locations

     Duncan Manor - Allison Park

Beaver County Tag and Title
      2580 Constitution Blvd - 724-384-1083

Cranberry Messenger
    20710 Route 19 North - 724-772-0480

Mercer County Messenger
    1834 E. State Street - 724-983-0914

North Hills Messenger Service
      984 Perry Hwy - TEMP CLOSED

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Our locations are authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to handle ATV & Snowmobile Titling and Registration.
To help make these transactions go smoothly!  

Helpful Hints:


ATV registration1All ATV’s & Snowmobiles in Pennsylvania with the exception of ATV’s & Snowmobiles that are used for business or agricultural purposes need to be registered and titled with DCNR. 



There are 2 types of registration that can be obtained:


Full Registration:
Full PA registrations are necessary for ATV’s & Snowmobiles used on state maintained trails and for use anywhere off of property that you personally own or lease


Limited Registration: 
Limited Registration is available for ATV’s & Snowmobiles used solely on your own land or land leased by you.  This is a free registration


SnowMobile PA registration2Plates stay with the ATV, not the owner, purchaser must pay for new registration at the time of transfer

Snowmobile purchasers must buy a new sticker


We can assist you with replacement credentials such as lost registration, registration decal, plate or sticker 


  • Buyer must present valid Pennsylvania identification card or Pennsylvania drivers license
  • Seller must present valid Pennsylvania identification card or Pennsylvania drivers license and title


For additional information on ATV’s, please visit

For additional information on Snowmobiles, please visit

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State Fees:
Debit • Check • Cash

Our Service Fees:
 Debit • Check • Cash
Credit Card

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